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Where do you find Belgian posters? In important and well known collections abroad. The highest concentration you will find in Belgium. Despite its rich history, there is no single museum in Belgium which has specialized in the products of graphic design. Much rather, particularized aspects of poster collections are distributed amongst various institutes in Flanders, Wallonnie and Brussels.

Antwerp - Archive and Museum for Flemish Cultural life

Dutch/French/English site

Antwerp - Museum Vleeshuis

Dutch site

Brussels - Cabinet of Prints of the Royal Library Albert I

French site

Brussels - Royal Museums of Fine Art of Belgium


Brussels - Museum of Elsene


Ghent - Archive and Museum for the Socialistic Labour Movement (AMSAB)

Dutch site

Ghent - University of Ghent

Dutch / English site

Hasselt - National Genever Museum

English site

Leuven - Catholic Documentation Centre (Kadoc)

Dutch site

Li�ge - Museum of the cultural life in Wallonnie

French site
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